Migrants with Criminal Offences Could Be Ousted from Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden (Photo: Shubhesh Aggarwal/Unsplash)

A formerly peaceful neighbourhood in affluent Uppsala, is currently the epicentre of the gang crisis in the nation. The Swedish government responded to the increase in migration-related violence by permitting the deportation of immigrants and asylum seekers who had been affiliated with criminal organisations, or deemed threatening to Swedish values.

The oldest university in the Nordic region, Scandinavia’s largest cathedral, and an opulent royal castle are all reasons to visit Uppsala. However, it has gained notoriety recently as the home of one of Sweden’s deadliest gangs and its infamous leader,

Rawa Majid, also known as the “Kurdish Fox ”, who fled to Turkey in 2018 following several convictions for drug and violent offences, writes FT.com. His gang’s name is Foxtrot network, a group primarily involved in drug trafficking. Majid parents are immigrated from Iran, and he was raised in Uppsala.

The gang’s efforts to enlist young people without roots and in or out of foster care are not hampered by the “godfather’s” absence.

Gun Violence Skyrocketed in the Last Decade

In less than ten years, Sweden has gone from having one of the lowest rates of fatal shootings in Europe to one of the highest. Established criminal groups, predominantly led by immigrants of the second generation, are killing not only other people but also more and more family members and, or innocent bystanders. Many of the offenders are young people—as young as 14—who have been trained by gangs to carry out hit missions.

In a country of just 10,5 million, there had been 48 fatal shootings so far this year as of the end of October. There were 62 last year, a record number that increased from 45 in 2021.

Sweden’s prime minister, Ulf Kristersson, directly blamed “irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration” in his diagnosis of the unprecedented violence. Kristersson formed a minority right-wing government with the support from the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), a year ago, with promises to toughen up on crime and immigration.

Stricter Legislation for Threatening Swedish Values

“A prerequisite for successful integration is that people who want to live in Sweden also adhere to basic norms and live in an honest and well-behaved way,” migration minister Maria Malmer Stenergard told in a press conference.

Additionally, Gunnar Strommer, the minister of justice, announced a study examining extending the authority to revoke citizenship.

This could include circumstances in which someone had committed heinous crimes, like terrorism, or circumstances in which someone had bought citizenship through deceit, threats, or bribery. Removing someone’s Swedish citizenship could render them stateless.

Uncomfortable talks are being had in response to the increase in gang violence.

Renowned for its welfare state, Sweden is a wealthy country that has welcomed more asylum seekers than most other European nations over the past thirty years as they have fled various conflicts ranging from the Middle East to the Balkans.

The far right feels emboldened by the rising violence, while the left is concerned about demonizing immigrant communities. However, it is acknowledged by both political camps in Sweden that some of its recent immigrants have not been adequately integrated.


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