The Netherlands Deserves Politicians who Solve Asylum Failure

The plenary hall of the Tweede Kamer ("Second Chamber"), the Dutch Parliament (Photo: JvL / Wikimedia Commons)

Trust in Dutch politics has reached an all-time low; only a quarter still believe in national politicians, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. On Nov. 22 the National elections will be held and it is up to voters to choose a party that can solve the major challenges facing the Netherlands.

The fact that confidence in Dutch politics has dropped far below the freezing mark, has largely to do with the failed asylum policy. A thorny issue that led to the fall of the fourth Rutte cabinet in May 2023. Rightly so. Dutch asylum policy has disastrous consequences for the most basic areas of Dutch society. The resigned politicians chronically failed to solve this.

Last year, the international platform Factrefuge conducted large-scale research in Europe on (illegal) immigration. In addition to studying scientific studies and official sources, Factrefuge made reports of asylum seekers’ centers in and outside the EU, interviewed illegal and legal immigrants, residents around the centers and various security guards and the police who guard the borders where immigrants cross illegally.

They all give the same picture: Dutch asylum policy is failing while politicians cowardly walk away from the large-scale problems.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” said a security guard at the second largest asylum seeker center in Budel. “Lately even Poles and Belgians have been reporting here to apply for asylum. They first travel to Ukraine and then they come here through the war zone without passports and pretend to be refugees from Ukraine. Hoping for a year of free shelter and then free housing and benefits.

And what do the politicians do? They fail, hit the road and leave us here with the mess.”

Illegal immigration always starts with the people smugglers who make millions every year from massive human trafficking. They entice Africans and people from the Middle East into their own countries with false propaganda about the rich West. A Valhalla where you can live for free and immediately find a job that earns you more per day than a month of hard work in their homeland. In many cases, the immigrants who receive residence permits in the Netherlands are involved in human trafficking. They have experience fleeing to the West and have a network of people in the countries through which the illegal migrants pass. Thereby, the alternative is bleak: they often speak only Arabic and have no diplomas, making (well-paid) legal work out of the question for them.

Syrian refugees having rest at the floor of Keleti railway station. Refugee crisis. Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe, 5 September 2015 (Photo: Mstyslav Chernov / Wikimedia Commons)
Syrian refugees having rest at the floor of Keleti railway station. Refugee crisis. Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe, 5 September 2015 (Photo: Mstyslav Chernov / Wikimedia Commons)

With pictures of expensive cars and big wristwatches, they entice fellow countrymen to pay thousands or even tens of thousands of euros for an illegal crossing to the West. That journey is more dangerous than staying in their own country, Factrefuge’s research shows, leading them to leave their wives and children behind for safety in nearly 90 percent of cases. In addition, millions of single men come to the West from safe countries. They are made to believe that here they can easily find a willing wife, get a house and become stinking rich with a simple job.

Illustration (Photo: Max Fleischmann / UnSplash)
Illustration (Photo: Max Fleischmann / UnSplash)

The reality falls foul. The (mostly) illegal immigrant risk their lives during the crossing and spend between 6 and 12 thousand euros to be bored endlessly in the West in a boring asylum center. Which are also full of criminal testosterone bombs: young criminals, badly disappointed fortune seekers and war criminals. Out of sheer frustration – they have lost all their savings and are not getting what the people smugglers have promised them – and the endless time to kill, these fortune seekers go on crook-paths. It costs the Netherlands billions or even trillions to take in these often “safe landers” and meanwhile they destroy our country. They steal you blind, vandalize, rape and threaten citizens and security guards. Every so often things get out of hand, resulting in stabbings.

Especially the people who live close to an asylum seekers’ center suffer the consequences. Their house is worth less, they feel unsafe, women no longer go out on the streets alone and shopkeepers go bankrupt because of the daily robberies.

Because the asylum seeker centers are mainly located in the provinces and the countryside – far away from political The Hague and the big cities, you see an even greater polarization in the Netherlands. Between countryside and city, between politician and citizen and between the leftist media and the ordinary population.

And what do politicians do? They leave, soon before investigations into what is really going on.

Because, why aren’t the thousands of people smugglers more quickly prosecuted, thereby getting to the root of the problem? What do we do about the people from Syria who are war victims on paper, but in reality emigrated to Turkey well before the war broke out and without passports pretend to be war victims entitled to help. How do we prevent immigrants with residence permits from becoming human traffickers? Why do politicians and the media keep talking about “refugees,” when we know from the Hungarian border police that 99 percent of all immigrants are illegal? Why are people from safe countries such as Morocco, Albania and Tunisia allowed to live here at our expense for over a year, while they are the biggest troublemakers here, destroying things, stealing, stabbing with knives and threatening people? Why is it that the ordinary Dutchman has to wait at least five to 15 years for a rented house while an asylum seeker gets housing immediately? Why do residents of the asylum seekers’ center not end up in jail if they steal or stab people but ordinary Dutch people do end up in jail for less violence?

The Dutch have less and less understanding for asylum seekers. Rightly so. A mother of two toddlers had to leave her home because her husband ran off with another man. Three weeks before she could move into her rented house from the housing association in the town Best, she was told that her house had been given to a single young man from Afghanistan.

The police set up the new temporary border control at, among other places, Hyllie station in Malmö (Photo: News Øresund - Johan Wessman)
The police set up the new temporary border control at, among other places, Hyllie station in Malmö (Photo: News Øresund – Johan Wessman)

Lucrative for the municipality that receives subsidies for welcoming immigrants. But not for our most vulnerable, own citizens. In what other country do Dutch people have more rights than the population living there? Probably only during colonization, where we enslaved the original inhabitants in countries like South Africa and Suriname.

The national government and COA are pushing through their policies against the will of the local population. No one knows how much this “humanitarian aid” actually costs us, when everything is factored in. For example, also the extra surveillance at train stations, security at shopping malls, damage to stores because they are robbed daily and vandalism.

Billions, security guards estimate, that could also be used for humanitarian relief to billions of real refugees in their safe neighboring countries. Because there is no question that we need to help real war victims. Or structurally address our enormous housing shortage, help schools and hospitals get better and more staff, and tax or even subsidize less on basic necessities like gas and electricity so citizens can pay their bills and businesses can grow rather than go bankrupt.

November 22 is the national election in the Netherlands. Time to change course. Time for all concerned citizens who are fed up with the failing asylum policy to vote en masse for a party that tackles the asylum problems at the roots and solves them sustainably.


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