Migration Problems In The UK to Only Worsen

Illegal Migrants on the English Channel (Photo: Sandor Csudai)

The Illegal Migration Act got royal assent on July 20th, thus becoming a new instrument governing illegal migration in the United Kingdom. It was been designed to stop small boats carrying illegal migrants from crossing over to the United Kingdom from France. It also provides the government more possibilities to detain and remove migrants who enter the country illegally. Chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet gave an interview to Brussels–based The European Conservative about the issue.

According to Mehmet, the rigour with which the act is implemented will determine the extent to which it deters migrants from making the perilous journey across the English Channel from safe France.

“In my judgement it will be some time before the new Act has any impact and I expect the numbers crossing to continue at least for the time being,” said Alp Mehmet.

In January 2023 alone, according to official statistics of the UK Government, 1180 illegal migrants were detected in 27 boats who aspired entering the UK through the English Channel.

This might not seem to be a huge number but with a substantial backlog in asylum cases, authorities are struggling to keep up with process deadlines. Because of this, many times officials will short-circuit the system by granting asylum, meaning the likelihood that the legal process will conclude in favour of asylum seekers.

In Mehmet’s evaluation, the biggest problems have arisen because of failure to control the inflow and a very loose points-based system introduced following Brexit.

“Such a massive and rapid increase in population can only lead to a worsening of the problems we now face in housing, the National Health Service, and other services. Queues at GP surgeries will grow. Integration of new arrivals of this magnitude will be even more difficult; this will increase risks to the cohesion within our society that we have always enjoyed,” Mehmet continued.

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