New Slovak Government to Send Troops to the Country’s Border with Hungary

Slovak troops stand in formation at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, January 23, 2004 (Photo by Spc. Kelly Hunt / Wikimedia Commons)

The recently established administration in Slovakia has declared that hundreds of police officers and soldiers will be stationed near the Hungarian border in an effort to stem the flow of people entering the nation illegally.

Over 40,000 undocumented migrants have reportedly been found inside its borders this year, according to the government. Migrants frequently use Slovakia as a transit country, moving on towards Western European nations.

Troops are Essential at the Border, Says Administration

Robert Fico, the recently appointed prime minister, warned that individuals connected to “terrorist” organizations could otherwise enter the nation and stated that illegal immigration needs to be controlled. Although he did not provide specifics about the deployment, he reviewed the measures late on Monday night at one of the border crossings.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok stated, “We want to send a clear signal that with the new government, a new approach to illegal migration has come.”

Speaking to reporters, he went on to say that “massive forces” would be sent in to guard the parts of the Hungarian border that aren’t designated crossing locations.

Recently, Slovakia has seen an increase in the number of migrants and asylum seekers passing through its borders on their way to Western European nations, mostly from Serbia via Hungary.

The previous Slovak government had started conducting arbitrary inspections at the Hungary border again on October 5. Following the reintroduction of controls at their borders with Slovakia to control migration, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Austria—neighbors in the European Union—made the decision.

Serbia is Getting More and More Dangerous

Slovakia’s choice to send military to its borders comes almost a week after migrants died inside Serbia when two human smuggling groups started a firefight.

People smugglers operate heavily on the border between Serbia and European Union member Hungary. Reports of violence and gunbattles are common in the area, as migrants look for a route into the EU.

In September, two people died in similar confrontations, with one being fatally shot in a busy department store’s car park in the centre of the border town of Subotica.

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