Police Raids in Bulgaria Resulted in Arrests

Bulgarian police officer at a checkpoint (Photo: Liberties.eu)

Police in Bulgaria arrested 15 alleged smugglers and detained around 300 irregular migrants during a large-scale police operation, news agency dpa reported on July 14.  

The 48-hour nationwide law enforcement operation involved searches carried out across the country, as per InfoMigrants. 

On Thursday (July 13), an estimated 40 migrants, including children, were found in a tanker truck that had been modified to carry people.  

The smugglers were “extraordinarily inventive” in their routes and means of transport, said Petar Todorov, secretary general of Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry, according to the dpa report. 

Bulgaria is a major transit and departure point for irregular migration to the European Union. 

A 259-kilometer barbed wire fence runs along Bulgaria’s border with neighboring Turkey and has been monitored via thermal imaging cameras since 2017, reported dpa

As a transit point, migrants try to cross the border irregularly to avoid being registered at an official border point in Bulgaria and travel onwards to Central and Western Europe. 


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