Poland’s New Government Continues Policy Stance in Migration

European Council President Donald Tusk making a speech at the Freedom Square in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017 (Photo: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency / Flickr.com)

Donald Tusk, the new prime minister of Poland, declared that his nation would not take in any asylum seekers who were transferred there as part of the EU’s new migration agreement. He did not, however, elaborate on what that might actually entail.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has stated that Poland will not accept any asylum seekers who are relocated under the EU’s new migration agreement. Tusk stated, “I want to assure you that Poland will not accept illegal migrants under any such mechanism,” as reported by InfoMigrants.

“Poland will never be part of such a mechanism,” Tusk told reporters, making clear that his government was adamantly against the implementation of a relocation scheme. This came after allegations by Tusk’s political rivals that he supported the proposal.

Three weeks prior, the European Union had provisionally approved a new agreement that would see some asylum seekers relocated to other EU regions, with the southern regions of the bloc bearing the brunt of the high volume of arrivals.

Alternatively, the governments of the nations most impacted by migrant arrivals could receive so-called “solidarity payments” through the same mechanism. This would imply that member states could choose not to participate in the program in place of accepting migrant relocations in exchange for a fine that would be applied to support migrant services in other regions of the bloc.

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