Growing Migrant Pressure on the Polish-Belarus Border

Polish border guards Photo:

A migrant attempting to cross into Poland illegally from Belarus and struck a soldier by a knife – as reported by Polish Radio Mariya.

Czeslaw Mroczek, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, stated that aggression is on the rise, with an increasing number of injuries. He emphasized that the ministry takes action to protect soldiers, police officers, and border guards.

The incident occurred in the area of Dubicz Cerkiewne, during an attack by a group of approximately 50 foreigners who threw branches, tree branches, and stones at Polish patrols. A migrant on the Belarusian side stabbed the soldier while he was carrying out tasks along the Polish-Belarusian border, according to a press release from the General Command of the Armed Forces, or DGRSZ. The injured military officer was transported to the hospital in Hajnówka, his life conditions are normal.

Migration pressure is increasing, the aggression of these people is increasing. They try to push the border in large groups, which are formed thanks to the support of Belarusian services “- assessed Czeslaw Mroczek.


Two other member of border guards were injured just hours before the attack on the soldier. One of them was struck by a broken bottle, while the other was injured during an attack by a dangerous and provisionally made tool with a knife attached.

The Number of Incidents on the Border with Belarus is Growing

According to data from the Podlaskie Border Guard Branch, over 13 thousand illegal border crossings from Belarus to Poland have occurred on the border section in this region since the beginning of the year.

A 5.5-meter-high steel dam was built on the 186-kilometer border with Belarus in 2022. It is the primary means of securing this border against illegal migration. It is supplemented by the so-called electronic barrier, a network of cameras and sensors that operates at 206 kilometers in Podlaskie.

The Border Guard chose and signed a contract with the contractor for an electronic dam on the Bug River in the Lublin province, which borders Belarus. Security will be built at 172 kilometers. The installation will include approximately 4.5 thousand day-night and thermal imaging cameras, as well as 1.8 thousand camera poles. The surveillance center will be built at the Bug River Border Guard Branch’s headquarters in Chelm.

The electronic barrier will also be built on the border rivers Swislocz and Istoczanka in Podlaskie. On the 47-kilometer section, there will be approximately 500 poles with a thousand day-night and thermal imaging cameras, as well as a sensor network.


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