European Commission to Facilitate Labour Migration

The buiding of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium (Photo: Sebastien Bertrand /

The European Commission has launched a series of measures to help attract skills and talent to the EU and help address the critical labor shortages experienced in many countries in the bloc, according to InfoMigrants.

One of the measures is the creation of a new EU Talent Pool, which matches EU employers with job seekers from third countries. In line with initiatives to support learner mobility and qualification recognition, the European Commission released a press release on Wednesday, 15 November.

The pool will be the first online platform serving the entire EU that combines the resumes of job seekers living outside the EU with open positions from EU employers.

There is still a skills gap in the EU at all skill levels and across a variety of industries. As per the official communication from the European Commission, cultivating cooperation in labour migration with third-country partners can also benefit both parties by providing knowledge and financial assistance to the economy of the country of origin.

The Commission is hopeful that member states will follow its advice in order to expedite and facilitate the recognition of foreign nationals’ qualifications, even if they are already in the bloc.

The talent pool is open to everyone, states the press release. “People in need of international protection residing outside the EU can therefore also apply for jobs they have the skills to carry out.” However, a job offer through the talent pool will not generate any right to asylum.

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