A Letter From The Chief Editor

The Slovenian Armed Forces escort refugees to the Gornja Radgona border crossing for international traffic. The Minister visited members of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Security who are assisting in the accommodation centre and at the border. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Borut Podgoršek, MORS)

The Western media distort reality according to the dominant prevailing liberal, left-wing, secular worldview. Objective journalism is under increasing pressure; there is no place for the right-wing sound anymore. That is why we are starting a European platform where we check news and publish honest, objective journalistic stories, reports and analysis that other media do not reveal.


Distrust of politicians, the EU and the media in the West is high. And rightly so. Objective journalism in Western Europe is disappearing more and more. Newspapers, websites and news on radio and TV claim to reveal the objective truth. But behind the scenes, most journalists, opinion leaders and even professors at universities distort reality to suit their own leftist political beliefs and the dominant worldview prevailing in the West. If editors – as well as politicians, teachers, professors and other opinion leaders – debate right-wing issues or if their point of view is not left-wing enough, there is hardly any place for them in the media landscape and their career opportunities decline. They are vilified by colleagues, chief editors and boards and they are dismissed as far right.  

From left to right, everyone is convinced that genuine refugees should be helped. But it is taboo to ask the question: how many immigrants can Europe cope with? How much can it cost and at what cost? How do we keep out the great flood of illegal fortune seekers? And who organizes and pays for that? Why do we encourage the unjust system of letting in mainly migrants who come here with the help of illegal people smugglers? But other right-wing issues are also conspicuously silent in most European media. Why do we allow the underworld to hold power in various neighborhoods in Europe? How did this arise? How do we solve this problem?

Western rulers and opinion leaders are only too happy to point their finger at countries that, in their eyes, are not democratic, have conservative ideas, are right-wing or do not want to admit illegal immigrants. But meanwhile, they gloss over the problems created by our current liberal, left-wing, Western democracy. In countries like France, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands there are ghettos where criminals are in charge and the police don’t even dare to enter.

Journalism is the fourth force: we research, analyze and shape public opinion on questions such as political parties, court cases and social problems and trends. Without reliable media, the population cannot trust politics but neither the judiciary. Therefore, objective journalism, where there is also room for the right-wing, honest, transparent sound, is of great importance for the functioning of a democracy.

I have been a journalist for over 20 years now and worked as an editor, opinion maker, chief editor and program maker at several national and regional newspapers, websites, magazines and radio and TV programs and a Dutch university.

In almost all editorial offices and at the university I saw the exact same thing happening: there is a culture in which journalists, politicians and teachers feel they have to protect the population from harsh reality because otherwise they would vote for populist political parties, for example, or not accept the fact that so many illegal immigrants are being let in.

When we in the editorial department receive reports that women are being systematically raped in or around asylum seekers, they hardly make it into the newspaper but we delete them from our mailbox. But as soon as the perpetrator is a priest, the news hits the front page. 

If you walk around European prisons, you see that the vast majority of detainees are of immigrant origin. But the official figures don’t say that. 

I was in Budapest, Austria and Germany in 2015 at the time when thousands of illegal and legal refugees passed through here in long lines, heading for Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and other wealthy Western countries. Over 80 or 90 percent were men, around 20 to 30 years old. But what was Dutch television broadcasting? Viewers saw mostly families, children playing and mothers with babies and toddlers on their laps passing by in the Hungarian capital.

The journalists created a completely distorted picture in their reports. And that is a journalistic mortal sin!

I have been to several refugee reception camps, such as Heumensoord, one of the largest temporary reception camps where some 3,000 asylum seekers were received. Journalists were brought here by bus, and all of them reported that only asylum seekers from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan were staying here. A day later I visited the same camp and saw a striking number of people from Africa, such as Sudanese, seeking their fortune in Western Europe.

A Syrian young woman told me that these Africans were asking her on the road and in the shelter every day to sell her Syrian passport, for as much as 10,000 euros. When I wrote that objectively in the newspaper, I was scolded by the board of the newspaper I worked for.

How could I write such a racist story? While the very task of journalism is to report objectively and transparently on what goes on in Dutch asylum seekers’ centers. These examples happen daily in almost every newsroom in Western media. The journalist who tells the honest story inconsistent with Western ideology receives criticism while his colleague who glorifies Western ideology by twisting stories and images receives applause and makes a career. And so virtually all chief editors bestride journalists who believe in the Western, leftist, secular ideology they propagate to the European people through their medium.

Meanwhile, a large part of the European population sees that journalists, politicians and other opinion makers invariably try to straighten out everything that is crooked. Not for nothing do more and more Europeans vote for right-wing parties, even in ever ultra-liberal left-wing Sweden. But also in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy.

In addition: if there is no place in Europe for the honest right-wing sound, this encourages populist and extreme right-wing parties.  

Europe has a right to honest, reliable, objective journalism, especially on the thorny topics of legal and illegal migration and Europe’s security. That is why we, a group of international investigative journalists are starting an international platform: Factrefuge. Step by step, substantiated, transparent and objective, we are going to tell you the real story and fact-check the news that Europeans are currently being presented with. So that you (and also we) have a better understanding of what is really happening in our beautiful Europe, who is pulling the leftist strings behind the scenes and what the motives of these leftist rulers are.


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